Save Meri Skulim Meri tells the story of a Port Moresby based professional Susil Nelson who works in the development field. Susil shares her story of how she has worked to achieve her goals, the support she got from her family and how she contributes to education for disadvantaged girls. Under her leadership as President of the Business and Professional Women’s Club, founded by Lady Carol Kidu, Susil has been successful at fundraising for scholarships for girls in PNG. Save Meri Skulim Meri is an uplifting story of how educating a girl contributes to building a strong nation.

Director Joys Eggins

Joys Eggins is from the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. She has a MA and BA in communication and does research and teaching in this area as well as productions. Joys is a co-founder of the Centre for Social & Creative Media (CSCM) at the University of Goroka and has been involved in its major projects under its research and production categories. Her first solo directing role was on the Port Moresby Production (Save Meri Skulim Meri) of the Pawa Meri film series (2012 – 2013) and she was involved in the Centre’s largest project Komuniti Tok Piksa (2010 – 2012). Joys also does marketing for the wider University of Goroka and is currently a project manager of the Wildlife Conservation Society project with CSCM. She is an honorary board member of Trinity FM, Mt. Hagen and part of the UNICEF (PNG) communications consortium working to develop educational materials for its children’s program in the country. More information on Joys can be found via and her LinkedIn page.

Director’s Statement

The Pawa Meri project gave me an opportunity to develop further my production skills by taking on the role of Director. Being the creative author of Save Meri Skulim Meri was a privilege and challenge because Susil’s story needs to be told well. She is an exceptional woman and portraying her as a role model for other young people in PNG needed a lot of thinking and planning prior to the production. I personally learnt the most about directing in postproduction while working with my editor Madge. Telling a visual story requires attention to detail and a clear workflow especially with the crew. Everyone’s role in the production was important and I appreciate the tireless effort of the field crew, production manager and producer for making things happen. I am more confident about directing a film and will use this across different productions I do in the future.