Lapan is a film about Miriam Potopi, one of the first female village magistrates in PNG. Miriam’s charismatic personality, her understanding of cultural laws/protocols as well as the challenges she confronts as a female village magistrate is captured in Lapan. It provides the audience with an understanding of the village court system unique to Papua New Guinea and the role Miriam plays as a leader in her community and beyond.

Director Renagi Taukarai

Renagi Taukarai is an emerging filmmaker from Papua New Guinea with an interest in documentary filmmaking for development.

Renagi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from Divine Word University, PNG (2008). She has worked as a broadcast journalist, radio producer, gender and HIV advocate, researcher and communications consultant.

Renagi is a producer/director with One PNG Limited – a nationally owned, Port Moresby based, video production house that gives priority to relevant development related issues in PNG. As a community service and personal interest, she is spearheading a project with her community to revive and enhance the dying traditional dance, song, costume and folklore of Gaire village (Central province). While the project Borenomu is in its premature stages, she hopes this, combined with her passion for filmmaking, will encourage and enable the people of Gaire to promote and preserve its cultural identity for the future generations to come.

Director’s Statement.

Miriam’s story was initially about her role as the first Papua New Guinean woman in the country’s village court system. It soon became apparent that hers was a bigger story than that: it was a story about life. Her philosophies and traditional wisdom made sense. Perhaps more sense than the countless research via Google and bestseller books available. Her wit and enthusiasm was contagious. Her hospitality knew no limits; her faith – no boundaries. Her simplistic views on emotional matters spoke of courage. And her leadership was without question. Where man is Lapan (chief), she became Lapan. To Miriam: I salute you. Thank you for your trust.