Bao Waiko – Camera

Bao Waiko is a documentary filmmaker of Australian and Papua New Guinean decent. He lives in the Markham Valley with his wife and two sons. In 2006 Bao set-up the video production house at Anglicare as an educational unit to encourage and empower Papua New Guineans to voice their opinions and concerns through multi-media applications such as theatre, video, dance and music. Bao has shot, directed and produced various video works including Minister Without Money (2006), Go Africa (2006), Helen’s Stori (2007) and Papa Bilong Chimbu (2007). He is currently producing a TV food series ‘Café Niugini’.

Dilen Doiki – Camera/ Technical Assistant

Dilen is of mixed parentage of East Sepik, the Eastern Highlands and the Central Province of Papua New Guinea. He was born and brought up in Goroka. Dilen holds a Diploma in Expressive Arts from the University of Goroka, majoring in Dance and Drama. He was a participant in the 2009 Yumi Piksa workshop which led to the production of his first film. Levekuka Clay (13min, 2009) provides an intimate picture of Dilen’s grandfather and his passion for Papua New Guinean art-making. Dilen has participated in international festivals and presentations in Australia and the wider Pacific. He has worked as camera operator on productions such as Komuniti Tok Piksa, Kokoda Initiative, Oxfam, and Pawa Meri. Dilen combines his technical skills with creative ideas and a passion for film and theatre productions.

Lawrence – Camera/ Technical Assistant

Lawrence began as a causal transcriber under the Komuniti Tok Piksa project. With on-the-job training and instruction from media professionals, Lawrence took on other roles including photography, assistant camera operator and technical support. Lawrence has experience in both production and post production and assist with all sorts of technical tasks at the CSCM.

Theresa Meki – Research Assistant

Theresa Meki completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of Papua New Guinea (2010). As an Honours student Theresa is conducting her research on the topic of Young Voters’ perceptions of women’s participation in PNG Politics. She is passionate about gender equality and adult literacy.

Aaron Fernandes – Post Production Co-ordinator

Aaron Fernandes is a video-journalist from Perth, Western Australia with several years experience traveling and filming documentaries. After graduating with degrees in journalism and international relations, he obtained his masters from the Australian National University in Canberra before joining the team in Goroka. He has previously worked and volunteered as a journalist in Israel and Palestine, India, Tibet, China, Bolivia, Brazil and Egypt. His main interests in Papua New Guinea are the country’s traditional spiritual beliefs and practices, the improvement of services for people with low-incomes and its incredible natural environment.