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Pawa Meri Launch a success

By July 13, 2014News

During the 23rd – 28th of June, 2014, the launching of the Pawa Meri film series in Goroka and Port Moresby has resonated hundreds of positive feedback from the audiences who watched the 6 x 26-minute biographical films on the lives of 6 inspirational Papua New Guinea women.

The two-year Pawa Meri film project was launched at the University of Goroka on Monday and Tuesday nights and at the Paradise Cinema in Port Moresby on Friday night and Saturday evening to an excellent crowd.

The six-part film series captured the hearts and minds of the audience and following are the comments and reactions of some of the audience present during the launches.

UOG student Mrs Babra Mogu said “I was blessed with the stories of these PNG heroines. Their real life stories were so inspiring and can truly motivate PNG women to believe in themselves. I truly believe we all can do it!”

Air Niugini Goroka Manager, Mr Gideon Samuel said, “Such powerful films. Just what this country needs to inspire the people and women of this nation.”

“Wow! These were wonderful life stories of women in leadership, business and others. Sets a good example for people to follow and live up to. These successful and courageous people have set a good example to follow,” said UOG student, Mr Sammy Bykudu Jonne.

UniTech Student, Joshua Saky said “Very interesting and challenging. I wish to become like them all. Thanks to CSCM for bringing all six films to Goroka for us to watch and also meet the talents featured in the films.”

The audience greatly applauded the launches because the film subjects and film directors were also present, which gave the audience the opportunity to meet them.

In Port Moresby the Pawa Meri film launching was opened by Australian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Ms Deborah Stokes who said it was vital to record and re-tell stories of modern PNG women, which will inspire the current and future generations of PNG women and girls to work for what they believe.

Ms Stokes also highlighted the need for men to be agents of positive change like in some of the Pawa Meri films, where they are seen as role models and supporters of their women folks.

After the launching of the Pawa Meri films, and after receiving feedback from those who watched the series, the Pawa Meri team saw that the films have archieved its aim to portray strong female role models in PNG society, challenge existing stereotypes about women and inspiring young women and men to become leaders within their families, communities and country.

The other aim of the project was to strengthening the PNG film industry by providing the opportunity for the six PNG women to direct each of the six Pawa Meri films and the launching of the films have greatly exposed the work of each film director thus giving them opportunities to be involved in any PNG film production.

The Pawa Meri project team would like to thank the Gender Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia, Victoria University in Melbourne, and the Centre for Social and Creative Media at the University of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province, PNG for giving them the chance to work in this amazing project.